Meet Ruthann Donnelly: Administrative Assistant at Oak Lane

October 2, 2017  |  Author: CityLife Neighborhood Clinics  |  


Get to know Ruthann Donnelly, the Administrative Assistant at our Oak Lane location! Ruthann is the first person you’ll meet CityLife Oak Lane, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce her to you.

Hi, Ruthann! You’re CityLife Oak Lane’s administrative assistant. What’s a typical day like for you?   

When people walk in our door, I’m the first person they see. After saying hi and asking how I can help them, I collect their information and talk with them about insurance. Then I have them sign privacy forms, so that they know their information is safe with us.

When that’s done, I get them back to see Kim, our clinical assistant, or Valerie, our doctor.
When I’m not working with patients, I handle scheduling, medical records, administrative work, and some billing.

How many people do you greet each day?

A lot! At CityLife, we refer to established patients as members. A lot of people who come here are members we’ve met already. But new guests of all ages walk in everyday, too. Recently we had a lot of children coming in for physicals before they headed back to school.

How long has CityLife Oak Lane been open?

Just a few months! We opened this past summer.

Have you been here since the beginning?

No, because I was on maternity leave until a few weeks ago. But I worked at two other CityLife locations before my maternity leave.

Congratulations! Did you have a baby boy or a baby girl?

Thank you! I had a boy.

Which City Life locations did you work at before this one? 

University City and Spruce Hill. I started with CityLife in January of 2016.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CityLife?

It’s a small office. All of us who work here are very involved with every detail of every day. We do what needs to be done to make this a great place for our patients to feel good and feel comfortable talking about their health.

Do you have one favorite CityLife moment?   

There are lots of them! There was a gentleman who used to sit outside of our office and asked for money. Our CEO got talking to him and now that man is a CityLife member, and has access to great healthcare. He is an example to our commitment to working with everyone, no matter what their situation is, to help them achieve better health.

Do you live in Philadelphia?

I do. I’ve lived in Philadelphia my whole life.  

What’s one of your favorite things to do here? 

I love exploring! Usually on lunch break I go and just drive or walk around and explore.  It’s fun. My boyfriend and I love to take our baby to parks. There are so many parks and playgrounds in Philadelphia.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about CityLife?

We’re here for you. We really, really are. We have doctors on call 24/7 and they’re not random doctors. They’re doctors in our practice. They can access your information, which, if you call at 3 in the morning with an unusual symptom, is very helpful. We will make sure you’re taken care of and connected with the resources you need.

What is something you want everyone to know about you?

Patients never need to be scared to come in and talk to me. I’ve heard every question in the book! And if I haven’t – well, nothing really shocks me.

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