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The CityLife Neighborhood Clinics facility is located at 4237 Walnut St. CityLife acquired the clinic from Cigna HealthSpring. — TRIBUNE PHOTO/ABDUL R. SULAYMAN

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Philadelphia is now home to three clinics designed to serve senior citizens. CityLife Neighborhood Clinics has opened the doors of three health care facilities in the University City, Spruce Hill and North Philadelphia sections of Philadelphia. he centers’ primary team model is designed to improve health and lower costs. “We’re trying to start a movement where people look at health care differently,” said Dr. Marisa Gefen, the practice team leader for CityLife’s University City location.

“We are focusing on a couple different concepts. One is value-based, team-based care where the member— we don’t call them patients, we call them members — is really surrounded by a team of people and not just the physician alone. The emphasis is on building relationships with the member and their families and caregivers.” Primary care teams are comprised of CityLife members, their families, a doctor or nurse practitioner, nurse, clinical and administrative assistants, and medication and health guides. “We really believe in immersing ourselves in each neighborhood that the clinic is in and really trying to understand what that neighborhood needs and connect them with resources beyond just the typical doctor’s visit,” said Gefen. For instance, the CityLife clinic located at 1010 W. Lehigh Ave. in North Philadelphia has a food pantry in response to the community needs. “We are really trying to get to the bottom of what is keeping these seniors from turning to the health care system,” Gefen said. “We looked at this from a holistic point of view and we realized that it wasn’t just about doctor’s visits. It’s about the caregiver, their living environment and their inances. here are so many things involved and we would like to understand each community and act accordingly.” CityLife works with Medicare Advantage and commercial health maintenance organizations (HMOs). The Spruce Hill and the Avenue clinics accept Cigna-HealthSpring MA plan members, while the University City location accepts members carrying Cigna-HealthSpring MA, Independence Blue Cross MA HMO, and Independence Blue Cross Commercial HMO plans. The clinics are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are located at the following locations: 4237 Walnut St. in Spruce Hill, 37 S.40th St., 2nd Floor in University City and 1010 W. Lehigh Ave. in North Philadelphia. The clinics offer convenient hours, 24-hour access to staff, same-day care and transportation. The clinics located in Spruce Hill and North Philadelphia were acquired from Cigna HealthSpring. Interested members can stop by the University City location Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays now through Dec. 3 to receive a free clinic tour and meet the clinic team. CityLife Neighborhood Clinics is a subsidiary of Ampersand Health, a provider of primary care services to neighborhoods in large urban markets.
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