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We're a different kind of primary care doctor.

We believe in your ability to improve your health.
We believe in being here for you.
We believe in being nice to you.

Let us help.
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North Philly
The Avenue, 1010 West Lehigh Avenue
Oak Lane, 1251 West Spencer Street

West Philly
University City, 37 South 40th Street, 2nd Floor
Spruce Hill, 4237 Walnut Street

We’re making health easier.

Walk in care.
Care teams to help you live and feel better.
Availability by phone 24/7.
Same day appointments.
A safe ride if you need it.

You've picked your health plan, now pick your doctor.

We're here when you need us, but don't wait until you are sick to pick us as your PCP.

PCP No. 176-086-5711
Medicare Advantage HMOs
(800) 668-3813

PCP No. 003-304-781
Medicare Advantage HMOs
(800) 645-3965
Commercial HMOs
(800) 275-2583

CityLife is simple and affordable

Let’s improve your health &
keep it simple & affordable.

One trusted primary care team for all of your health needs.
Same cost as other doctors, but greater value.
Language we all understand.
Time to ask & answer questions.
Here for you. Available by phone 24 hours a day.
Walk-in care, no appointment needed.

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

University City

3945 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(267) 819-1800
Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

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The Avenue

1010 W. Lehigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19133
(267) 819-1800
Monday through Saturday 8am-8pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm

Job Opportunities

Spruce Hill

4237 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(267) 819-1800
Monday through Friday 8am-5pm


1251 W Spencer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19141
(267) 819-1800
Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-8pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 7am-4pm
Friday: 8am-12pm

CityLife Oak Lane
CityLife primary care

What is primary care?

Interesting question. A primary care physician has been the first stop to diagnose & treat illness. Like the old family doctor, primary care was the first place to go for all your health needs. Now, primary care is where you go when you’re sick & want to feel better & when you are well & want to get healthier.

Why do I need a primary care team?

At CityLife Neighborhood Clinics, we believe that “Only you can improve your health, but you don’t have to do it alone.” Your Medicare Advantage or Medicaid plan requires you to select a primary care physician, but we believe health care has become so complex that a single physician isn’t enough. Maintaining & improving health takes a village.

Who is on my primary care team?

CityLife primary care team


Without you there isn’t a team. Only you know how you feel & what you want your health to be. You choose your care team that best fits you.

Your Family.

Your health is yours & yours alone. Your family & whom you include in it is equally as personal. We believe whoever you are connected with & is important to you & your health is family & on your care team.

Doctor or Nurse

Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

At CityLife Neighborhood Clinics, a doctor or nurse practitioner is the clinical team leader. When you are sick, the doctor or nurse practitioner figures out what’s going on & how to help you feel better. Over time, the doctor or nurse practitioner works with you, your family & your care team to keep you well & get healthier.

interested in healthcare


The nurse is your go-to person on the care team, who makes sure you have what you need to feel better or to get healthier when you need it. Whether inside CityLife Neighborhood Clinics or outside, your nurse keeps everyone on the same page.

Clinical Assistant.

Everybody needs a helping hand & so do you & your care team. The clinical assistant listens to you, learns about how you feel & shares it with your care team during your visit.

CityLife's team

Health Guide.

Your health is about you — all of you. How you think, feel & act when faced with life & how you deal with challenges & make choices impacts your health. With a health guide on your care team, we support the changes you want to make to get healthier.

Medication Guide.

Medications are confusing — what to take, when to take it, what to take it with & what not to take it with. A pharmacist serves as your medication guide on your care team to help you finally make sense of it all.

Administrative Assistant.

Paperwork! You & your care team have an assistant to help you with all the paperwork, scheduling & other needs. Your care team’s administrative assistant will simplify the process & take the administrative burden off of you & your care team.


CityLife Neighborhood Clinics works with Medicare Advantage & commercial health maintenance organizations (HMO) offered by many insurance companies. Currently, we accept & can be selected as your primary care physician (PCP) in the following plans:

Independence Blue Cross Medicare Advantage HMO Plans for 2017

Keystone 65 Basic
Keystone 65 Select
Keystone 65 Preferred

Independence Blue Cross Commercial HMO Plans

Keystone Bronze
Keystone Gold
Keystone Gold Proactive
Keystone Health Plan East
Keystone Platinum
Keystone POS
Keystone Silver
Keystone Silver Proactive

Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage HMO Plans for 2017

Preferred Plus

Sounds great! How is my primary care team at CityLife different from any other doctor’s office?

Great question!

It is your care team. A care team with more resources & expertise like the nurse, health guide & medication guide than typically are available at a doctor’s office — a care team that truly knows you.

Our teamwork is designed for you & your care team. Giving us the time to listen & learn. Your care team is here for you by phone 24 hours a day. If you’re sick, we’re here to help you feel better, & if you’re well, we’re here to help you get healthier.

Your team goes beyond the clinic walls.
Our job is to keep everyone involved in your health on the same page.

Greater value at the same cost.

Let your insurance company know you want a CityLife doctor to be your primary care physician (PCP).


PCP No. 176-086-5711
Medicare Advantage HMOs
(800) 668-3813


PCP No.003-304-781
Medicare Advantage HMOs
(800) 645-3965
Commercial HMOs
(800) 275-2583

We continuously try to expand the HMOs we accept. If you don’t see your Medicare Advantage Plan, commercial HMO or one that you may be interested in joining, please call us at (267) 819-1800.

Member Profile: Mary

• Medicare Advantage member
• 69-year-old retired female who owns her own home, has an income of $1,000 a month
• Husband has disabilities & requires her assistance most of the time
• Has 4 grown children – 1 child & grandchild in the area & babysits occasionally
• Considered the “glue of the family” & feels responsible for everyone else
• Uncontrolled diabetes, CHF, obesity, depression / anxiety
• 2 hospitalizations & 2 ER visits in the last year
• Engages health care mostly when sick
• No alcohol, limited fresh food, non-smoker, no exercise
• Attends church and enjoys participating in church-based activities
• Needs assistance with limited technology use
• Independent & cares deeply about the people around her
• Worries what will happen to her family if she is not here, financial limitations

CityLife Neighborhood Clinics Impact

Mary wants to improve her health, but is tired of trying. Mary’s health team at CityLife took the time to understand what was making it hard to get her health on the right track. By getting to know her, they found that she is exhausted and scared that she won’t have the energy to be there for her family. The team worked with Mary to find out what mattered to her and then found small changes she could make to improve her health. Mary decided to stop drinking soda, walk 3x per week and join the church choir. Over time, she slowly began to make other changes, ultimately losing 40 lbs. and getting her diabetes under control. Now that there is a trusted relationship established, Mary and her team can deal with health concerns quickly before they become large problems. She is a passionate and independent person and this strength will allow her to do what is important to her.

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Mary one year prior to visiting CityLife Neighborhood Clinics

Mary with CityLife Neighborhood Clinics

Our Purpose

CityLife Neighborhood Clinics’ purpose is to improve health.
Health is everything, everybody & surprising.

Everything is physical, behavioral, emotional, social, educational, financial & spiritual health.

Everybody is individuals, members, families, caregivers, communities, care teams & leaders.

Surprising is environments, service & experiences that wow everybody.

CityLife Neighborhood Clinics is connecting it all.

Our Values

  • HumilityWe’re all human & more than a label or a title. Honor each other through connection, humility & service.
  • ConnectivityActively engage in human relationships, even if messy, with members, families, team members & leaders.
  • ServiceTreat others as they want to be treated. Exceptional service
    is defined by relationships, anticipation, timely action & resolution.
  • CuriosityBe relentless in pursuit of joy, improvement & service.
    Best is a destination. Better is a journey through curiosity, flexibility & discovery.
  • StewardshipWe are wise stewards of our resources & opportunities.
  • TeamworkTeams are organized & play to individuals’ strengths; processes are efficient & keep humans & their valuable connections in mind.
  • InvestmentInvestment in communities & community members isn’t enough. We reinvest in education & service to promote sustainability.

Ready to change the world? It begins with improving health.

We're not a traditional sick care company. We get up in the morning on a mission to improve health—one interaction, one member, one neighborhood at a time. Our clinics, care teams, and passion are unlike anything you'll ever be a part of.

It is hard work, and it is the most rewarding thing you'll ever do.

Here are some immediate opportunities for folks with serious get-up-and-go:

  • Doctors & Nurse Practitioners
  • RN's
  • LPN's
  • Pharmacists
  • Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Radiology Technicians

To see a complete list of opportunities and apply, go here.